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February 2018

Praise Report

Though the temperatures back in Missouri have been frigid, things heated up for us as we kicked off the month of January with a busy travel schedule.  For the most part, our calendar had us in the state of Texas for the entire month.  Before we hit the road, we began the process of renewing our passports.

Along with that, we had to have Hank, the family mascot, Internationally chipped, as we plan to take him with us to Wales.

While in Texas, we were blessed to have the opportunity to share God’s call on our life with some wonderful churches.  Our kids, though they love being missionaries, will tell you that one of the hardest things for them is going to a new church almost each and every week.  It takes them time to warm up and connect with the people, especially for our son Briton.  Bella is much more of a “social butterfly”, so it comes a bit easier for her.  But still it overwhelms her as well.  That being said, we were completely shocked when Briton asked if he could come up on the platform during a conference and share.  It was so encouraging to witness the Lord providing peace and strength for him.  During that same conference, a young lady named Grace, who has been sensing God’s call on her life to be a missionary to a foreign country, came up after the services and shared that she believes God is calling her to Wales.  Please pray for Grace as she continues to seek God’s leading in her life.

Projects Remaining

This past month we were once again so encouraged to receive financial gifts to go towards our special projects.  That being said, we are blessed to share that we are now only needing to raise $2,500 more for our vehicle.  As we look ahead to leaving for Wales in June, we are also going to need to finish raising funds for setting up our home.  We are needing to raise $5,900 towards this project.

Prayer Requests

  • That more people would be saved and surrender to serve
  • For our safety as we travel
  • That we would reach 100% of our support by June 2018
  • For the funding of our special projects