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We believe “no God”

In Taiwan it isn’t a strange sight to see people praying and worshipping in public.  Even on the busy streets of Taipei, you can see people standing before an urn with incense and joss paper (god money) communing with “gods,” “ancestors,” and “other spirits.”

Among many young people in Taipei though, this form of worship has fallen out of favor.  We have recently been in contact with a young man named Jeff and have been able to begin talking over spiritual things.  He admitted that he and his wife are among those young people who would say, “For us, we believe, no god.”

While atheism and agnosticism is on the rise in many places, here in Taiwan we find this is an open door for the gospel!  Many young people are not “militant” in their agnosticism and atheism and are always open to listen to spiritual things and even the gospel.

Jeff has been coming to church each Sunday as well as our English outreach on Friday nights.  Recently our team was able to have a one-on-one conversation with him, leading him through the road to salvation in Romans.  What a blessing to see the Taiwanese read the Scriptures!  Please add Jeff to your prayers for his and his wife’s salvation.

A Chance to Step Up

Our missionary partners are planning a small furlough this summer, and it gives us a chance to step up as leaders in this church plant.  While we have been studying the language, this opportunity is both a big leap of skill and faith for us.  We will be leading music, prayer and overseeing the afternoon services in Chinese, so please pray for us as we “stretch our legs” in the language and help lead HBC Xinzhuang while our partners rest.

Pray & Connect
♦ Jeff and his wife to know Jesus as Savior
♦ For wisdom as we prepare to lead HBC Xinzhuang