MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Missionaries to Thailand

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November-December 2017:  The holiday season this year was certainly a time of celebration! From spending our second Thanksgiving in Thailand with family and fellow missionaries to several great opportunities to share the Gospel at Christmastime, we have so much to be thankful for! We can't thank you enough for your constant support and prayers.  Everything the Lord allows us to do is an extension of your ministry through us!

Fun on the High Seas: This November, the men from Bangjak Baptist set out on the high seas for a time of encouragement, refreshment, and of course, fishing!  We were glad to see 24 men join the trip, including men from our deaf, Pakistani, and Thai ministries.  There's nothing quite like 12 men per boat fishing through the night!  Everyone had a great time, and we're looking
forward to next year!

Christmas With the Youth:  Since early Fall, I have been assisting our church with starting a youth group.  Easter, a Thai young man and our church's song leader, has been doing a great job teaching the teens and planning activities.  In December, we had our first youth group Christmas party!  Not only did we have a great turnout of 13 teens, but 4 of these were unsaved soccer players.  Fast forward a couple weeks (this is a spoiler for our next letter), and we saw two of these same teens, named Beer and Oat, accept Christ!  Please be in prayer for the continued growth of the youth group, faithfulness of the teens, and salvation for our unsaved visitors.

A Language Update From Kayti:  I am oh-so-excited to let you know that the end of December brought with it the end of my formal language schooling!  Now, let me just say that I am nowhere near fluent—that will take several more years of learning, listening, and practicing!  But it is amazing to me to look back at where I was in January, knowing just a few Thai words and phrases, to now being able to read and write Thai and have basic conversation!  I’m thankful for your prayers and the Lord’s help as I’ve studied so far.  Please continue to pray with me this coming year, as I’m really asking the Lord to give me the words and opportunities to increase my personal ministry to the people around me!

Largest Outreach of the Year:  Thai people as a whole do not celebrate Christmas.  It is just another day of the week for them.  Here, the Christmas season is only celebrated by shopping malls and stores—to them, it's simply an occasion for more sales.  Even so, because malls hold special Christmas activities, our church is given perhaps our largest outreach opportunity of the year.  We get to take our choir into various malls to sing about Christ and the Gospel!

Additionally, our members come along as well to pass out gift bags that include goodies, fliers, and tracts.  The malls do not allow groups to pass out tracts on any other occasion, so this is a big deal!  On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, besides singing at our church, we were able to sing 5 times total at 4 different malls, including one of the largest malls in Bangkok!  Altogether, we passed out over 1,000 of our gift bags.  We're so thankful for this huge opportunity, and we ask that you pray with us for fruit from these labors.  Looking back on 2017, we had a year full of the faithfulness and goodness of God in our lives and in the ministries He gave us to serve in.  Thank you for all you have done to support us and pray for us this past year.  The Lord has used you to touch the lives of people here in Thailand that might not have been reached without your help.  We thank the Lord for you and are excited to see how He will bless us with more opportunities and fruit in 2018.