MISSIONS MOMENT - Bill & Quessie Harvey - Missionaries to Mexico

Monday the 8th of January, the second semester of classes started in the Bible Institute of Cd. Mante, and the students returned to continue studies.  One new student was received from Bethel Baptist Church, and her name is Constantina Galvez.  She was given a warm
welcome.  Bro. James Smith, whose father was a missionary to Mante in the 1950’s was the speaker, and he brought a good message.  His wife, Sharon, gave an inspirational lesson to the ladies.

Several weeks ago, a newspaper reporter was killed in Laredo because he had written an article about the corruption in the Mexican government which allows the drug cartels to operate freely in the country.  One of the problems of the Mexican government is they are not comfortable with a free press.  You cannot write something negative about them and not suffer retaliation.  We pray that someday we will see a change in this attitude toward reporters who are willing
to tell the truth.

Yesterday I talked to Bro. Antonio about the condition of Reynosa, where he pastors a church.  The two cartels are fighting each other for the right to pass their drugs into the United States.  He went to pick up his daughter Wendy from school at 2:00 p.m., and cars had been burned and overturned.  They have heard shots being fired for three days.  He was ready to have a Wednesday night service, but because of the danger on the streets, he didn’t think anyone would show up.  The Mexican army claims to have killed one of the leaders of a cartel, but this has not been confirmed.  Please pray for our church in this dangerous city.  Just last Sunday, they had four saved.

I recently heard from Sergio and the work in Naranjos.  Sergio and Gloria have two sons who are pastors with five grandchildren plus a daughter who is married to a pastor.  They have two children.  There is always a lot of family activity, but they stay busy in their churches and missions.  They had an average attendance of 90 with four professions of faith last month.

Antelmo and Carmen live and pastor in Manuel and are now grandparents.  Their oldest daughter presented them with a grandson—their first!  The attendance of the church in Manuel has an attendance of 80.  They report that three new families are attending the church.  They request pray for the church and people in the area.  Thanks for your support of us and our work in Mexico.