MISSIONS MOMENT - Kris & Rose Marie Blumer - Peru

October, 2018

We praise God for the work He has raised up in Peru. With the Lord’s blessings, we have seen growth, both spiritually and physically in the church plant. Weekday Bible Study groups have grown from three, to four meetings held in locations around Lima. Each Sunday, a different setup team shows up early to assemble the platform, add and arrange chairs, construct the nursery and Sunday school classroom, and put the greeting /coffee area in order.

Occasionally we get surprises. Recently I was expecting to teach an adolescent class Sunday morning, only to find out when we arrived that the owners of the building, without telling us, removed a wall which divided a classroom. Since then, we use “block-classes” to make the best of the space we have remaining. Sunday School, taught by Pastor Tim Chapman, concluded today a study of the Beatitudes.

The church is blessed to have believers from Venezuela coming. We have five or six families who return to worship with us each week. At the present, the flood of refugees seems to have subsided. God bless them; it’s not easy for them to leave their homeland.

One of the greatest pleasures we have serving is in the local church, either in new formation or church augmentation. We have directly assisted two churches in the Lima Area and are currently helping another missionary with the new church plant called Iglesia Bautista Gracia, in an area near downtown named Jesus Maria. We have approached both our Home / Sending Church (Faith Baptist, Taylors, SC), and the officers at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions to approve an added designation to our ministry objectives—Church Planting and Christian Education. After many years of going into several villages and meeting individuals one-on-one, my desire last month was to gather a few of them together in one central location to preach and ask if they would be able to meet together for one Sunday each month. I must admit, the response exceeded my expectations! We had ten attend the first Sunday. One family was sorry they couldn’t make it, but two strangers were invited off the street. Praise God! I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.

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