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December 2018

In our last letter we asked everyone to pray for a few different events. One of those was our outreach during the town’s bonfire night. We were so blessed to set up our booth right in the center of it all. We were able to meet so many people and give out the Gospel along with information about our church and loads of sweets and treats.

Another request was for our baptism services. For those who have been reading our monthly letters, Tom, his wife Jo, and her daughter, Abi, have all accepted Christ as their Saviour over the past few months. This past month, they all three followed the Lord in baptism! The services were amazing! Many from their Ju Jitsu school, as well as friends from the community were in attendance and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. We are praying for many more to come to Christ as a result. Thank you again for praying for these special events and services.

On another exciting note, we have had several who have been attending our services as a result of our October Harvest Outreach. One Sunday after services, the grandmother, Tracy, asked Richie to explain to her some things regarding salvation. While doing so, Tracy’s daughters, Amy and Steph, along with Steph’s husband, Chris, all listened in on the conversation. We are thrilled to share with you that at the end of the conversation, Tracy and Amy both prayed to be saved! Please pray for Chris and Steph to be saved. They were not ready to make that decision but were very receptive, and Chris said that he just needs a little more time since this is all so new.

Along with all this wonderful news, we were so blessed this past month to have some very dear friends from our sending church come and visit us during Thanksgiving. It was such a huge encouragement to us and our kids.

Prayer Request

We are having a Christmas Eve Carol Service and are praying for more opportunities to share the message of salvation with the people in our community.

Serving Christ together, Richie, Missy, Briton and Isabella Orrick