MISSIONS MOMENT - Justin & Becca Trill - Thailand

Your Prayers Do Make a Difference

Do you ever feel like when you are praying that your prayers aren’t making a difference? Well, when you pray for your missionaries, they absolutely are! By our own fault, we don’t always give you instances where your prayers have been specifically answered.

Every month, we ask you to pray for health and safety on the road. This month, before leaving Florida, we had some car work done. We are so grateful for the faithful servants of God who made sure we were safe and ready to be traveling another 5,000 miles before returning and getting it checked again. Unfortunately, when we crossed the Indiana / Illinois border, we blew a brake line. Thankfully, the Lord was watching over us, and we were able to make it safely to a stop for the night and get it fixed first thing the next day. We thank you and covet your prayers as we continue on our deputation journey. Your prayers really do make a difference.

Deputation Trails

We have been busy this month being in conferences, new churches, and reporting to supporting churches. Also, we were endorsed by the Baptist Church Ministry Network in Canton, OH. We praise the Lord that He has brought new churches our way to begin support next year. We are thankful for these new supporters and anticipate great things ahead, and we are forever grateful for those who continue to support us with prayers and finances.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who have invested in our lives and ministry. We literally couldn’t do what we do without you. May we never take for granted your part in our ministry.

Prayer Requests

  1. Nov 4-9, in California. Pray for safety while flying and a smooth trip.

  2. As we approach the holidays, pray for our time with our families to be cherished.

  3. Pray for spiritual and physical health as we travel. Justin and Becca invite you to take a few minutes to watch their missions video at: