MISSIONS MOMENT - Paul & Gail Tipton - Missionaries to Nicaragua

September 2018

We are looking forward to returning home in October for one week, then returning to the states to finish our furlough. We are going back in January to stay. It will be good to see our preachers and let the dog know we are not dead. I had planned to make the trip alone, but we found out a bit of information we did not know. If we are out of the country more than six months without returning, our resident visas will expire. Therefore, we both need to make the trip in order to keep our visas active. I would hate to start that process from scratch again. It is great to see how the preachers stepped up during our absence. All our churches are doing well.

We were involved in an accident recently on a Sunday night. We were returning to Fort Pierce on I-95 south when a deer ran onto the road and was hit by a semi truck and flew into the center lane where we were traveling. I swerved to the left to keep from hitting the deer and side-swiped a car on the inside lane. Two other cars also hit the deer and received some damage. It could have been bad, but God was with us. Nobody was injured. We had to put our car in the body shop for repairs; praise the Lord we had the rental car insurance.

We have had some good meetings. If all the churches whose pastor indicated they would likely support us follows through, I think we should be close to the $500 mark of the $1,000 goal we have set. Although I have learned, we cannot count on anything until we start receiving it. We need an additional $1,000 a month to fully support the pastors’ school and increase our enrollment. Please pray with us about this.

We got a real surprise when my interpreter Carlos told me we received an electric bill for three months totaling over $600, and another one for over $300. It seems that one of President / Dictator Ortega’s methods for recouping some of the lost revenue due to the uprising is to triple everyone’s electric bills.

Prayer Requests

Brother Carlos took the bill to the electric company to find out what is going on, and when he arrived he said the building was full of people there to protest their bills. It seems their complaints were falling on deaf ears; no one was leaving happy. This is a lot to absorb; guess we will have to learn to live without air conditioning.

Please continue to pray for Nicaragua. Ortega has used his hired hoodlums, armed with AK47s to put the fear of Ortega in the protestors after over 500 people have been murdered. They have torn down the road blocks, and the traffic is flowing, though things are far from normal. The political climate is still very tense, and we know things can flare up at any time. We just have to keep our noses clean and do the job we are there to do and stay out of their politics.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Serving until He comes or Calls, Paul and Gail Tipton.