Remarks From The Pastor - January 21, 2018


Welcome to today’s service; the first day of four with an emphasis on reviving our souls.  A church-wide revival is a time for spiritual awakening.  There are times in a Christian’s life that their passion for Jesus and His word wanes.  God had David pen in Psalms 51:8, “... renew a right spirit within me.” and in verse 13, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”.

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

The table has been set here at TBC.  Because of God’s touch on many fine Christians' hearts and their financial contributions, our campus is looking very presentable.  Our Sunday school
department now has an exciting and relevant curriculum and we are making a conscious effort to study God’s Word, with an emphasis of studying everyday-not just in Sunday school.  So now, in these four days, God has sent us Evangelist Dr. Tom Farrell to guide us into reviving our souls for the cause of Christ.  Let’s all pray as David did, “renew a right spirit within me, and restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”.  Then we can move forward to win the lost with the new visitation program that we are starting in a few weeks.