MISSIONS MOMENTS - Kris & Rose Marie Blumer - Missionaries to Peru

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Dec 2017: As we wind up another year, we have much to be thankful for when we reflect on God’s goodness and His great gift to mankind. For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given ...” The world is longing for peace, not realizing the Prince of Peace is come.  Redemption is complete!  Hallelujah!

When we made plans for the trip that La Molina Christian Schools provided, we included in our plans five supporting and two new prospective churches.  I did not plan on getting the flu.

We were welcomed December 18th at Denver International Airport by our family.  Jet lag ensued.  I hardly remember Tuesday.  Wednesday, we traveled to our first meeting in Wyoming. It was a great night, full of blessings and celebration-our 37th wedding anniversary-provided by the people of Beacon Hill Baptist Church.  I shivered a lot to keep warm, but the bug caught me and I went down for two full days.  I thought I would be out of commission Sunday too, but God gave me strength and we were able to visit my daughter Lydia’s church for both services.

I’d like to mention here that Lydia will be taking a short-term mission trip to Lebanon next year. Those of you who know her can be praying for her, please.

Since October, the ministries you have co-labored with in Peru have kept up with the demands.  Let me start with LMCS.  Graduates are going to find the world more challenging.  I have a special bond with this year’s class because they are the first class I have taught all through high school.

The high school retreat came in November.  It was late in the year, and I did not feel as many decisions were made this year.  The school is prayerfully looking for English-speaking elementary teachers.

The Jesus Maria church plant concluded 19 months of new growth, outreaches, baptisms and discipleship classes by mobilizing members to use their spiritual gifts and faithfully participate in the building-up of the new church.  Most of the regular activities are in recess until February when we return.

Due to the political unrest in Venezuela, refugees have been attending each Sunday.  Our heart and our hands go out to help these brothers and sisters in Christ.  We hosted several meals for them and provided some cash and groceries as they look for employment and get settled.

In the Antioquia district, I stumbled on another village about 45 minutes past Espiritu Santo. We were distributing Christmas care packages at the public school when I was captivated by a shy teenager who gave me the impression there might be some abuse occurring in his home.  We took a special interest in him based on his response to the gifts and some spiritual questions that followed.  I am not sure if I would be able to make it back to his village each time I go, but I believe God has a plan for Caesar and his family.

Thank you for contributing your support and prayer this year. Your impact is added to your Philippians 4:17 account.