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We Have Arrived in Honduras!

How surreal! For the last two years, we have focused on raising support to get to the field and begin our new life in Honduras. Travel for us was a normal way of life. Now, as we begin our lives in our new home, we are adjusting to a new normal.

Over the last few weeks, we have set up our home, enrolled our kids in school, purchased our car, and started learning a new language. Little tasks we performed in the states are now much more difficult as we are trying to communicate in the Spanish language.

At times it can get frustrating to not be able to speak and understand conversations. The best way we can communicate how we feel is to compare our lives to a tea kettle that is at a point of boiling, but only the steam comes out. We desperately want to open our spout and pour into peoples’ lives, but the only thing we can get out is a little steam. We can see that lives are broken and falling apart, but our topics are limited to: “What is your name?” “What kind of foods do you like?” “How old are you?” And “How are you doing?”

Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to use this time to break our hearts for people and burden us to pray for much fruit. We realize in time, that we will be able to pour into the lives of the people down here. Please continue to pray for us, and let us know you are praying!



  • Our car was under budget!
  • Our home is set up!
  • The kids are in school!


Prayer Requests and needs

  • Adjustments to a new culture
  • The kids can make friends
  • We can shine as lights


Contact Information

www.taylors2honduras.com taylors2honduras@gmail.com

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