Remarks From The Pastor - September 3, 2017

good morning church members & guests

Pastor Tom Porter.jpeg

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church!  I cannot help but think about all the victims in the path of Hurricane Harvey.  As we enjoy this long Labor Day weekend, let us remember to pray for those people.  As we learned last week in the sermon, Nehemiah started out as a layperson concerned for his people and sought to rebuild the burned Dow walls of his city, Jerusalem. 

We are watching hundreds of laypeople on TV who have hitched up their boats and driven into Texas to rescue thousands of people whose homes and cities have been flooded.

As the pastor of this church and knowing your kind hearts, I am sure you will want to help our fellow Americans impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Our church is part of a nationwide fellowship of pastors called the Baptist Bible Fellowship from Springfield, Misssouri.  Pastor Ron Williams and a team from the BBF Florida chapter, in Sanford, will be taking supplies to Texas to the South Drive Baptist Church in Channelview, Texas.  This church has been housing and feeding "The Cajun Navy".  That is what the rescuers who are coming with their private boats to help are called.  This church is also helping to get much needed items to hurricane victims.  

If any of you want to donate supplies, you may put them in the back of my white Ford SUV which will be parked in front of the church tomorrow between 10AM and 12PM.  Some men from the church will then be driving the supplies to Palm Avenue Baptist Church in Sanford at 12 noon on Monday, September 4.

pastor tom