Remarks From The Pastor - August 20, 2017

Good Morning Church Members and Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

Welcome everyone to TBC this morning. I am thankful to God for His goodness and love. How God gives us, as Christians, the Holy Spirit that takes up residence in us. Because of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, who is, of course, part of the Holy Trinity, we are always in communion with God. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit takes our prayers to Jesus and Jesus is the mediator between us and God. It is Jesus who gives our prayers to God who is always ready to listen and move on our prayers. Sometimes He answers with a yes, sometimes a no, and sometimes with wait.

Some of us are old enough to remember the TV show Father Knows Best. Well, we need to always pray that we will accept God’s answers and realize He knows what’s best for us. Let this church body always go to the Lord in prayer, asking Him for what is best for us.  May the name of Jesus be praised! 

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Late Wednesday afternoon, Retired U.S. Navy Officer Al Cave went to be with his Lord and Savior at 90 years of age. Please pray for his dear wife, Jackie. Their 70th wedding anniversary was just a few months away. Al loved his Lord, wife and family. He also loved the people of God, called the Church. Al was an encourager to me and to many others.