Remarks From The Pastor - December 31, 2017


Good morning everyone!  How was Jesus’ birthday celebration in your home?  For me, the days leading up to Christmas Day are a lot of work, yet for a wonderful reason.  

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

But after the celebration is over, the cleaning up and putting away the decorations are certainly anticlimactic! So how should we react after Christmas?  After Christmas is good time to reflect on what you have just seen and heard.  

How many times have you heard the Christmas story?  I’m sure most of you could come up here today and tell the story.  You've heard enough sermons, prayed enough prayers and have rubbed up against the truth long enough to get a callous on your heart so the real truth cannot penetrate deep into your daily life.  

Familiarity breeds contempt.  

The first way to respond to the Christmas message is to make it fresh in your heart by pondering it in a new way.