Remarks From The Pastor - December 17, 2017

Good Morning Church Members And Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

Merry Christmas everyone!  This morning’s service will be very special! The TBC Choir will be presenting “My Heart Longs For Christmas”.  There’s no place in Scripture that tells us that the early church even celebrated the birth of Christ.  They celebrated His death on the cross (communion) and His resurrection from the dead (worshipping on the 1st day of the week).  They did that every Sunday.

But for over 1000 years, the church has celebrated the BIRTH of Christ in December.  I see no reason to give up on using such a powerful tool to teach people about Christ.  After all, it is in the
story of the baby in the manger we hear about the greatest gift man has ever received, presented in the humble wrappings of “swaddling clothes”.  

God has given us such a wonderful and loving gift.  That Gift is Jesus.


Jesus The True Gift of Christmas.png