Remarks From The Pastor - December 3, 2017

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

Preparing for a large Christmas Eve family gathering, a mother had been giving out orders like a drill sergeant: "Pick up your things!  Don’t get your clothes dirty!  Put away those toys!"  Well, her 4-year-old daughter had been underfoot all day, so she sent her to the next room to play with their wooden Nativity set.

As the mother scurried around setting the table, she overheard her daughter talking to her toys in the same tone of voice the mother had used:  "I don’t care who you are, get those camels out of my living room!"

For years, many have attempted to get more than camels out of the living room.  Over the years, there has been a repeated and concerted effort to get Christ out of Christmas; everything from
removing Christmas carols from the public schools, to banning nativity scenes on the public property, to taking the name of Jesus out of any connection with Christmas in public life.  It has been a persistent and unrelenting push to remove any influence God may have on this holiday.

As members of TBC, let us all wish folks a “Merry Christmas”.  There would not be a Christmas without Christ.

Pastor Tom

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