Remarks From The Pastor - November 5, 2017

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

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In our series on the character of Samson, we learned, last Sunday, about Samson’s weak self-will. We also saw how Samson was guided by his emotions instead of by the Spirit of God.

This week we will look at Samson’s pride and what it did to his life. We will learn that oftentimes, our pride comes from our insecurities. We will see Samson fall into a problem too big for him to get out of and then turn to God.

If we let our needs drive us to God, then God will meet our deepest needs.  Maybe if you are facing a problem bigger than you, perhaps God wants to teach you to depend on Him.


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Next Sunday November 12 @ 11:00 AM.  

We will have a special Veteran's Day service.