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Noah de los Reyes To China With Truth

The Road to China     

This month we had the opportunity to be in a couple of schools.  One was a Christan  school, and the other a public school.  We got to talk about  the fact  that  Jesus  loves  everybody  and  died  for everybody, including the people in China.  Beth got to talk to them about God being able  to use  them to be missionaries one day, or serving  Him in other capacites that they may feel unable to.  I grew up in a Christan school, and Beth atended a public school.  Neither of us had an opportunity, as children in our schools, to hear from a missionary family about what it looks like to serve God overseas and that we, too, could grow up to do just that.  We were so thankful for these opportunites.       

Also this month,  a couple of our close friends lef for the feld to be missionaries in India.  Eric and Rebekah Elrod have been our good friends for some tme now.  Eric and I lived together, and Rebekah and Beth lived together while we were all single.  We are so excited for and proud of them!     

This month, we got our visas to go to China!  When we went for our survey trip, we ran into a few obstacles that worried us.  However, this tme around, it was smooth sailing and we are excited to be another step closer to getng to China!

The Work in China    

Missionaries  John and  Alisha Walz  contnue  to do a great work in Taiwan.   Here  are a  couple of testmonies  from some of their church people, Peyton and Carmen. 

Peyton:  “Hi, everyone.  I’m Peyton.  I’ve been  interning  with  pastor for over two years.  I’m in training to be a pastor.  I wish to preach the Gospel, be a servant, and plant churches.” 

Carmen:  “I’m Carmen.  I’ve recently believed in Jesus and been baptized.  I originally came from a Taoist family.  The sense that I get from Jesus is not like the dread I get from (Taoist) gods.  Afer believing in Jesus, I have peace in my heart.  And I see my church like they are family.”     

Chinese Proverb:  “Keep your broken arm inside your sleeve.”     

Biblical Truth:  We reveal our weaknesses to God to come to Him in salvaton, and then we contnue to be weak because His strength is made perfect in weakness. 


Opportunites to speak in schools; Visas obtained; Peyton, Carmen and Yu Qian

Prayer Requests:

The remainder of our support to get us to China; raising our set up fund