Remarks From The Pastor - November 19, 2017


Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

The Psalmist knew all of the attributes of God, but when he wrote the first verse of Psalm 118, the Holy Ghost inspired him to write “God is good”.

If you don’t believe me, ask Moses. He would say, “Pharaoh pronounced a death sentence on me when I was just a baby, but God was good to me and spared my life.”  Ask the nation of Israel and they would say, “God fed us in the Sinai desert with angels’ food, He made our clothing and shoes to last for forty years and He gave us water from a rock. God is good.”

I know that there are things we could complain about, but I want to thank God because He is good to you and He is good to me. I want to thank God because He is good to this church.

Think about this: He has kept this church alive and thriving when, in America, 72 churches close every day.  The average attendance in today’s churches is 88 people.  We run double that.  Ninety seven percent of the churches started in America close within 10 years.  We have been here 50 years!

Psalm 118:1. O give thanks unto the LORD for he is good, because his mercy endureth forever.