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 Bangjak Baptist Church—Serving for 23 Years in a Land of Darkness,

We Share the Light

June 25th, Bangjak Baptist Church celebrated a victory of serving the Lord for 23 years now. We looked back only long enough to see all the many blessings of God, to thank Him for the many obstacles we have overcome and for all the souls we have seen saved and lives changed. Then we look ahead with anticipation of what God will do in the future if we continue walking with Him.

We are so thankful that some of our original members are still faithfully serving the Lord. We are thankful for families we have watched grow up and teens who have accepted Christ and married, serving the Lord with their children now. We are thankful for those who have been called out of our church to serve in full time ministry in other parts of Thailand.

God is so faithful to always provide for his work. We have seen the Lord work through English classes, teen outreaches, sports outreaches, high school and elementary events held in Buddhist Temple schools. We count it a privilege to be tools used for His honor.

This year it was difficult to find a venue that could hold all the ministries of Bangjak for a joint meeting. We were thankful to find a school that allowed us to use their facility for a minimal cost. It was perfect, and we filled it well.

National Handicap Games of Thailand

July 19-24, the National Sports Authorities of Thailand hold the nationwide sports games every two years to find athletes to send to compete internationally and to promote patriotism in the public Thai community. It has been a privilege to be invited to these games over the years and represent our church. This year was no different, as we sent in 34 athletes to compete in Badminton, Table Tennis, Field and Track, 11-Man Soccer and 5-Man Soccer. These games are highly publicized and televised. Our team placed, receiving medals in every sport we entered. It is a joy to see Christians witness and also represent the Lord in secular community.

We held our own worship service in the largest university in the Songkla Province. When you are respected for athletic ability, people seem to listen more.

Our 11-Man Soccer Team never lost a game, and the final game for “gold” was nationally televised. Missionary/Coach/Manager of the team, Ricky Salmon, got plenty of publicity. It is good to be known in community!!

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