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Pakistani Ministry Update

Situatons contnue to be quite desperate for our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ who have run to Thailand to escape persecuton in theirhomelandonly tofnd inThailand they must live in hiding and trepidaton of being caught by the Thai immigratons authorites.  They are denied the right to work a job; there is no legal way to update or extend their visas.  Many have been imprisoned, and we have had one member die in the Internatonal Detenton Center.  He lef behind a wife and three small children.  We contnue to do our best to minister to these families.  Many have fnished discipleship courses with many new believers, and we are providing homeschooling materials for parents to teach their children at home.  We received news from one of our families who returned to Pakistan that their 9-year old daughter was shot in the leg while returning homefromachurchmeetng.   Itgrievesourhearts,  andwearedetermined to contnue to do what we can to help these whom God has sent our way.  We are thankful for the many who have accepted Christ as personal savior.

Thai Mother’s Day August 12th In Honor of HM The Queen    

Here in Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in honor of the birthday of HerMajesty the Queen.  The naton celebrates with her every year on August 12 with many special festvals held on that day and many special privileges.  All public transportaton is free for moms.  Many restaurants serve mothers for free.  It is a very special day where Thai children will ofen buy jasmine fowers for their mom and bow at their feet to give them honor.  We try to always do something special for mothers in the church and encourage everyone to bring their mom or a friend who is a mom.  We were impressed with a great group of moms in the Thai service and also in the evening Pakistani service.

Pastor Gary and Mrs. Sharon Jackson of Friendship Baptist, Cincinnati

It is a huge honor and blessing whenever a supportng pastor is willing to take tme out of his busy schedule to come and encourage a missionary on the feld.  In our 26 years on the feld, I can say it doesn’t happen ofen.  We were blessed by the Lord sending Pastor Gary Jackson and his sweet wife to come and minister side-by-side with us here in Bangkok. 

Pastor Gary shared from God’s word in both worship services on his first Sunday here. He held a training workshop with pastors from all over Thailand, some as far away as 12 hours, who travelled into Bangkok for a pastors / workers fellowship meeting hosted at our church. He answered lots of questions on funerals, weddings, the Lord’s Supper and church discipline from God’s Word.
Mrs. Sharon spoke at both our annual Thai Ladies’ Conference and the Pakistan Ladies, sharing from God’s Word about His dream for us.


Contact Information
Sending church: Temple Baptist Church, Titusville, FL Pastor Tom Porter