Welcome to the all-new!  We have been planning an all-new experience for you that will make this site more interactive and fun.

This will be the premiere source for information about our church and the events that will be happening and our ministries.

Take a moment to explore through this new experience... 

CALENDAR/EVENTS - You can see a full-month calendar and get details on all the events taking place Temple Baptist Church.

MEDIA - Take advantage of and follow the Facebook and Twitter feeds.  We have also connected our podcast Re-Solved.  You can play it directly from the podcast page and you can also subscribe to it on your iOS device through the Apple AppStore.  Give it a try!

MINISTRIES - Check out our exciting ministries that connect everyone together.  From Generation Confrontation to Primetimers and many more, you can see how these ministries are touching lives.

ABOUT - Learn who we are, what our mission is, and how to contact the church.

NEWS/BLOG - Get insight on special topics and important items that communicate to members and the community.

COOL STUFF - You'll be happy to know that this website will optimize to all of your devices.  If you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you will enjoy a easy and comfortable layout that you can move through effortlessly.

TAKE NOTE - We are very excited to tell you that this website is very organic, which means it is like a living thing.  It will get better and it will grow and better serve you.  More great features will be added in the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let us know.

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