MISSIONS MOMENT - Bill & Quessie Harvey - Missionaries to Mexico

Monday the 8th of January, the second semester of classes started in the Bible Institute of Cd. Mante, and the students returned to continue studies.  One new student was received from Bethel Baptist Church, and her name is Constantina Galvez.  She was given a warm
welcome.  Bro. James Smith, whose father was a missionary to Mante in the 1950’s was the speaker, and he brought a good message.  His wife, Sharon, gave an inspirational lesson to the ladies.

Several weeks ago, a newspaper reporter was killed in Laredo because he had written an article about the corruption in the Mexican government which allows the drug cartels to operate freely in the country.  One of the problems of the Mexican government is they are not comfortable with a free press.  You cannot write something negative about them and not suffer retaliation.  We pray that someday we will see a change in this attitude toward reporters who are willing
to tell the truth.

Yesterday I talked to Bro. Antonio about the condition of Reynosa, where he pastors a church.  The two cartels are fighting each other for the right to pass their drugs into the United States.  He went to pick up his daughter Wendy from school at 2:00 p.m., and cars had been burned and overturned.  They have heard shots being fired for three days.  He was ready to have a Wednesday night service, but because of the danger on the streets, he didn’t think anyone would show up.  The Mexican army claims to have killed one of the leaders of a cartel, but this has not been confirmed.  Please pray for our church in this dangerous city.  Just last Sunday, they had four saved.

I recently heard from Sergio and the work in Naranjos.  Sergio and Gloria have two sons who are pastors with five grandchildren plus a daughter who is married to a pastor.  They have two children.  There is always a lot of family activity, but they stay busy in their churches and missions.  They had an average attendance of 90 with four professions of faith last month.

Antelmo and Carmen live and pastor in Manuel and are now grandparents.  Their oldest daughter presented them with a grandson—their first!  The attendance of the church in Manuel has an attendance of 80.  They report that three new families are attending the church.  They request pray for the church and people in the area.  Thanks for your support of us and our work in Mexico.

Remarks From The Pastor - February 18, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

Today we continue to emphasize the importance of missions and the need to support missionaries so they can reach souls for the Kingdom’s sake!  The biblical way we support our missionaries is by faith; asking God what amount we will trust Him for to give to missions.  Paul writes in II Corinthians 10:15-16 “...When your faith is increased that we shall
be enlarged by you..
. To preach the Gospel in the regions beyond...”

In your church bulletin is a pamphlet explaining Faith Promise Giving and also a Pledge Card.  I would ask that you not to fill that card out today, but to take it home. Between now and the last Sunday of this month, prayerfully consider how much, beyond your tithe, you will give to missions.  

Don’t forget the special International Covered Dish Banquet on Friday, February 23rd at 6 PM.  I’m looking forward to some delicious and interesting food that night!  Missionaries Richie and Missy Orrick, will be our guests that night.  They are soon leaving to minister in the country of Wales.

Don’t forget that we who live in the United States, are to be missionaries and witnesses for Jesus. Be sure to pick up some more of the Truelife.org witness cards at the Welcome Center and hand them out this week.


Remarks From The Pastor - February 11, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

It is my hope that our church will support two more faithful missionary families after this conference.  It has been said, “The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity".  Today is the beginning of our Winter Missions Conference.  Please welcome our guests, Kerry and Terry Psinas, missionaries serving in the country of Grenada, West Indies.

Also here today is the gifted Rob Mills family. They will be singing a few special, soul stirring songs for us this morning and then a full concert tonight at 6pm.

Church Vote

Seven years ago our main septic tank and drain field started to fail.  The problem was fixed and we were told it was only a temporary fix. About two years ago, we had another major problem with the same septic system.  Once again, it was given a temporary fix.  This past week the tank had to be pumped out for the third time in less than seven months.  We, as a church body, will
be voting on February 18th ( next Sunday) to start the process of replacing the current septic and drainfield system.  This job is now out for bid.  We hope to have the name of the contractor and estimate soon.


MISSIONS MOMENT - The Orricks - Missionaries to Wales

The Orricks-Wales-Banner.png

February 2018

Praise Report

Though the temperatures back in Missouri have been frigid, things heated up for us as we kicked off the month of January with a busy travel schedule.  For the most part, our calendar had us in the state of Texas for the entire month.  Before we hit the road, we began the process of renewing our passports.

Along with that, we had to have Hank, the family mascot, Internationally chipped, as we plan to take him with us to Wales.

While in Texas, we were blessed to have the opportunity to share God’s call on our life with some wonderful churches.  Our kids, though they love being missionaries, will tell you that one of the hardest things for them is going to a new church almost each and every week.  It takes them time to warm up and connect with the people, especially for our son Briton.  Bella is much more of a “social butterfly”, so it comes a bit easier for her.  But still it overwhelms her as well.  That being said, we were completely shocked when Briton asked if he could come up on the platform during a conference and share.  It was so encouraging to witness the Lord providing peace and strength for him.  During that same conference, a young lady named Grace, who has been sensing God’s call on her life to be a missionary to a foreign country, came up after the services and shared that she believes God is calling her to Wales.  Please pray for Grace as she continues to seek God’s leading in her life.

Projects Remaining

This past month we were once again so encouraged to receive financial gifts to go towards our special projects.  That being said, we are blessed to share that we are now only needing to raise $2,500 more for our vehicle.  As we look ahead to leaving for Wales in June, we are also going to need to finish raising funds for setting up our home.  We are needing to raise $5,900 towards this project.

Prayer Requests

  • That more people would be saved and surrender to serve
  • For our safety as we travel
  • That we would reach 100% of our support by June 2018
  • For the funding of our special projects

Remarks From The Pastor - February 4, 2018

Good Morning Church Members & Guests

This church has missionaries in over 14 different countries.  Missionaries are soul winners.  They are following after Jesus. Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matt. 4:19) In Luke 19:10 we read, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

On April 15, 1912, the unsinkable Titanic sank and many went into eternity.  There were only twenty lifeboats and rafts on that ship.  Lifeboats number 4 & number 14 were the only two that went back to rescue more out of the frigid ocean!  Think about that!  Most of the lifeboats were lowered without being at full capacity, but only two went back to save people dying of hypothermia.  Our church is to be a spiritual lifeboat.  Our job is to seek those who are dying in sin, and to rescue as many of them as possible.  

Before you say, “I’m not interested in being part of a search and rescue mission for Christ,” let me tell you that these people are not strangers.  They are your children, your grandchildren, husbands, wives, your brothers and sisters.  They are the people you work with, your neighbors, your lifelong friends.  These are the people that we can personally reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Missions Conference will start next Sunday morning after the Sunday school hour.  Our preacher will be Missionary Kerry Psinas, who has been in Grenada for 16 years and has planted five churches.  The Rob Mills Family will provide special music in both the AM & PM services.

Church Vote

Seven years ago our main septic tank and drain field started to fail.  The problem was fixed and we were told it was only a temporary fix.  About two years ago, we had another major problem with the same septic system.  Once again, it was given a temporary fix.  This past week the tank had to be pumped out for the third time in less than seven months.  We, as a church body, will be voting on February 18th (two weeks from today) to start the process of replacing the current septic and drainfield system.  This job is now out for bid.  We hope to have the
name of the contractor and estimate soon.


MISSIONS MOMENT - Shane & Kayti Salmon - Missionaries to Thailand

Shane & Kayti Salmon-Banner.png

November-December 2017:  The holiday season this year was certainly a time of celebration! From spending our second Thanksgiving in Thailand with family and fellow missionaries to several great opportunities to share the Gospel at Christmastime, we have so much to be thankful for! We can't thank you enough for your constant support and prayers.  Everything the Lord allows us to do is an extension of your ministry through us!

Fun on the High Seas: This November, the men from Bangjak Baptist set out on the high seas for a time of encouragement, refreshment, and of course, fishing!  We were glad to see 24 men join the trip, including men from our deaf, Pakistani, and Thai ministries.  There's nothing quite like 12 men per boat fishing through the night!  Everyone had a great time, and we're looking
forward to next year!

Christmas With the Youth:  Since early Fall, I have been assisting our church with starting a youth group.  Easter, a Thai young man and our church's song leader, has been doing a great job teaching the teens and planning activities.  In December, we had our first youth group Christmas party!  Not only did we have a great turnout of 13 teens, but 4 of these were unsaved soccer players.  Fast forward a couple weeks (this is a spoiler for our next letter), and we saw two of these same teens, named Beer and Oat, accept Christ!  Please be in prayer for the continued growth of the youth group, faithfulness of the teens, and salvation for our unsaved visitors.

A Language Update From Kayti:  I am oh-so-excited to let you know that the end of December brought with it the end of my formal language schooling!  Now, let me just say that I am nowhere near fluent—that will take several more years of learning, listening, and practicing!  But it is amazing to me to look back at where I was in January, knowing just a few Thai words and phrases, to now being able to read and write Thai and have basic conversation!  I’m thankful for your prayers and the Lord’s help as I’ve studied so far.  Please continue to pray with me this coming year, as I’m really asking the Lord to give me the words and opportunities to increase my personal ministry to the people around me!

Largest Outreach of the Year:  Thai people as a whole do not celebrate Christmas.  It is just another day of the week for them.  Here, the Christmas season is only celebrated by shopping malls and stores—to them, it's simply an occasion for more sales.  Even so, because malls hold special Christmas activities, our church is given perhaps our largest outreach opportunity of the year.  We get to take our choir into various malls to sing about Christ and the Gospel!

Additionally, our members come along as well to pass out gift bags that include goodies, fliers, and tracts.  The malls do not allow groups to pass out tracts on any other occasion, so this is a big deal!  On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, besides singing at our church, we were able to sing 5 times total at 4 different malls, including one of the largest malls in Bangkok!  Altogether, we passed out over 1,000 of our gift bags.  We're so thankful for this huge opportunity, and we ask that you pray with us for fruit from these labors.  Looking back on 2017, we had a year full of the faithfulness and goodness of God in our lives and in the ministries He gave us to serve in.  Thank you for all you have done to support us and pray for us this past year.  The Lord has used you to touch the lives of people here in Thailand that might not have been reached without your help.  We thank the Lord for you and are excited to see how He will bless us with more opportunities and fruit in 2018.

MISSIONS MOMENT - Josh & Erin Taylor - Missionaries to Honduras

Josh & Erin Taylor-Honduras.png

I Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the HOPE that is in you with meekness and fear.

Nov 2017

Priorities: Erin and I were talking the other day about just how little time we have.  Of course, we all have the same number of hours in our day, but it is how we use them that counts.  When we sit back and look at our activities, which ones really matter?  As we list them: language studies, group Bible study, church services, kid’s activities, construction on the church property. The list could easily be doubled.  We have been surprised at just how busy life is here in Honduras.  Matthew 6:33 addresses the heart of the matter.  Seek God’s kingdom first!

One of the things that is heavy on our hearts is building the kingdom.  And how does that happen?  It is simple: more souls.  As we filter through the activities of our lives, we must determine to focus primarily on things that contribute to building God’s kingdom.  It is true that some of the activities already mentioned do contribute to kingdom work.  Like you, there are essential personal activities that need to be done, but we must not lose focus on kingdom work.

An unfortunate event happened last month when a wall fell on our large church bus while it was parked.  In early October, there was a tropical storm that passed through our area and dumped a lot of rain.  The result of all the water was that a cinder block wall collapsed onto the front of our bus.  It was already in disrepair and in need of some attention, and the wall falling on it rendered it unstable.

A bus in our ministry is foundational! With this tool, we can build the kingdom by transporting many people to church and exposing new people to the gospel.  It will take about $2,000 to repair the bus and get it back on the road.  Is it worth it?  Is it important?  With a kingdom-work focus, that is an easy question to answer!  Please consider helping get the bus back on the road.


  • 5 weeks of language school completed!
  • 5 young people saved in the last month!

Prayer Requests and Needs

  • $2,000 to repair the church bus
  • Opportunities for kingdom work
  • Friends for our kids

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Remarks From The Pastor - January 28, 2018


Welcome to Temple Baptist Church today.  Our church and school staff is so excited about last week’s revival services!  Many decisions were made for salvation and rededication.  We have a lot of follow-up to do.  

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

On Sunday, there were at least 10 saved!  On Monday night one was saved.  On Tuesday morning at chapel, fifty of our students from fifth up through 12th grade made personal decisions for Christ.  Luke 15:10 says, “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.”

We in this church who are on the Lord’s side must rally around the cause of Jesus, which is to win the lost.  In Wednesday’s chapel, 27 young people came forward; at least seven for salvation and the rest desiring to serve God in full-time service.  Our staff, Sunday school teachers and school teachers will continue to follow up on the decisions that were made.  Let us all pray that the spirit of revival remain among us.


For God So Loved The World.png

Remarks From The Pastor - January 21, 2018


Welcome to today’s service; the first day of four with an emphasis on reviving our souls.  A church-wide revival is a time for spiritual awakening.  There are times in a Christian’s life that their passion for Jesus and His word wanes.  God had David pen in Psalms 51:8, “... renew a right spirit within me.” and in verse 13, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”.

Pastor Tom Porter

Pastor Tom Porter

The table has been set here at TBC.  Because of God’s touch on many fine Christians' hearts and their financial contributions, our campus is looking very presentable.  Our Sunday school
department now has an exciting and relevant curriculum and we are making a conscious effort to study God’s Word, with an emphasis of studying everyday-not just in Sunday school.  So now, in these four days, God has sent us Evangelist Dr. Tom Farrell to guide us into reviving our souls for the cause of Christ.  Let’s all pray as David did, “renew a right spirit within me, and restore unto me the joy of thy salvation”.  Then we can move forward to win the lost with the new visitation program that we are starting in a few weeks.


MISSIONS MOMENTS - Kris & Rose Marie Blumer - Missionaries to Peru

Kris & Rose Marie Blumer.png

Dec 2017: As we wind up another year, we have much to be thankful for when we reflect on God’s goodness and His great gift to mankind. For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given ...” The world is longing for peace, not realizing the Prince of Peace is come.  Redemption is complete!  Hallelujah!

When we made plans for the trip that La Molina Christian Schools provided, we included in our plans five supporting and two new prospective churches.  I did not plan on getting the flu.

We were welcomed December 18th at Denver International Airport by our family.  Jet lag ensued.  I hardly remember Tuesday.  Wednesday, we traveled to our first meeting in Wyoming. It was a great night, full of blessings and celebration-our 37th wedding anniversary-provided by the people of Beacon Hill Baptist Church.  I shivered a lot to keep warm, but the bug caught me and I went down for two full days.  I thought I would be out of commission Sunday too, but God gave me strength and we were able to visit my daughter Lydia’s church for both services.

I’d like to mention here that Lydia will be taking a short-term mission trip to Lebanon next year. Those of you who know her can be praying for her, please.

Since October, the ministries you have co-labored with in Peru have kept up with the demands.  Let me start with LMCS.  Graduates are going to find the world more challenging.  I have a special bond with this year’s class because they are the first class I have taught all through high school.

The high school retreat came in November.  It was late in the year, and I did not feel as many decisions were made this year.  The school is prayerfully looking for English-speaking elementary teachers.

The Jesus Maria church plant concluded 19 months of new growth, outreaches, baptisms and discipleship classes by mobilizing members to use their spiritual gifts and faithfully participate in the building-up of the new church.  Most of the regular activities are in recess until February when we return.

Due to the political unrest in Venezuela, refugees have been attending each Sunday.  Our heart and our hands go out to help these brothers and sisters in Christ.  We hosted several meals for them and provided some cash and groceries as they look for employment and get settled.

In the Antioquia district, I stumbled on another village about 45 minutes past Espiritu Santo. We were distributing Christmas care packages at the public school when I was captivated by a shy teenager who gave me the impression there might be some abuse occurring in his home.  We took a special interest in him based on his response to the gifts and some spiritual questions that followed.  I am not sure if I would be able to make it back to his village each time I go, but I believe God has a plan for Caesar and his family.

Thank you for contributing your support and prayer this year. Your impact is added to your Philippians 4:17 account.