A Valen-thai banquet

Valentine's Day is always a fun day in Thailand, and each year we make it an opportunity to host a banquet at the church. We invite saved and unsaved friends to play games, eat dinner, and hear a message about the love of God. This year we called the banquet a "Valen-Thai" dinner and encouraged attendees to dress in traditional Thai clothes. We had a fun time, a great turnout, and a clear message from a fellow missionary about how God's love can make us free. We love having these opportunities to tell our friends about Christ in new ways.


Later in February, we were excited to have a visit from our sending pastor, Dennis Jennings, our mission director, Jon Konnerup, and one of our supporting pastors, Paul Monroe! Being able to be face-to-face with these spiritual leaders in our lives, introduce them to the people we serve, and to take them around to key places in our ministry and in Bangkok was a blessing. I was also able to show them the area we are praying about for our first church plant next year. We are thankful to them and to the Lord for the encouragement we received from their time here.


Not long ago, I experienced a first in my ministry. I was asked to perform a wedding! One of our church members, a member of my Sunday school class, Miss Meow, got engaged to a Canadian believer and asked me to perform the ceremony.  Not only had I never performed a wedding before, but I certainly had never done it in two languages! The ceremony went well, and it's great to see the newlyweds in church on Sundays.


In March, we made an exciting change in our English program. We switched from an on-going weekly class setup to 10-week modular courses. Kayti curated a curriculum for our first module, and we started to spread the word about the new course. On the first night, we had 22 students take the proficiency exam, and we have had new students every night since then! We actually are having to set a limit now because of having more students interested than we have room for!

We are praising the Lord for the people He is bringing our way, giving us the chance to share Jesus with the students after every class. Please pray for these classes, these students, and these opportunities to share the Gospel!


* Preparations for Easter, including our Easter choir special

* Soccer camp at the end of this month

* English students’ salvation

* Furlough preparations

Furlough in 2019

We are always amazed at how quickly time passes, and even more so as we look toward our first furlough, just six months from now. We are continuing to schedule meetings from October to March. We look forward to sharing what the Lord is doing with our supporting churches, as well as with new churches, as we raise some additional funds for our new church plant.  If your church would like to schedule us for a conference or a service, please email us at



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Shane & Kayti Salmon

Taking the Truth to Thailand

Remarks From The Pastor - April 14, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Welcome to a special service today on Palm Sunday. One week prior to the resurrection of Jesus, the people in Jerusalem were welcoming Jesus into the city and laid palm branches on the road where Jesus was riding a donkey. This strewing of palm branches and the peoples’ cloaks on the road was a way to give Jesus a royal reception. But, what the people did not know, was that Jesus was not ready to set up his Kingdom. Sad to say, the crowds that were singing “Hosanna!” on Palm Sunday were cry-ing out “Crucify Him!” later that week.

Today we will reflect on the strength of our walk with God as we observe the Lord’s Supper.

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   Pastor Tyson Wahl from Sayre, PA came with three of his members and conducted youth seminar for our churches while his  people  repaired our  vehicles,  put  a  roof  on  our Bible Institute building, and presented our school children with a VBS Program. We had 178 present, and 57 saved in VBS! During that week, they were also involved with one of our youth camps. 606 students were present, and 529 were saved! Pastor Tyson preached at our combined church service last Sunday, and there were 637 adults and 423 children present. 108 were saved, and 29 baptized! Thank you, Pastor Tyson, team, and church for all that you have done for this ministry.

   Last week was the Annual Armed Forces Week. The military asked  me to lead  them in a rededication service, as well as participate in laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was truly a wonderful experience in my life.

   In  our churches last month, there were 225 saved and 45 baptized!  The total number of students attending the Rawlings Foundation Camps for January and February was 3,762, and the total number saved was 2,750!

   The students of three of our academies joined together for a yearly  sports  day.  The  parents,  teachers  and  children  all enjoyed a fantastic time together.

   We are always grateful for your support and prayers on behalf of this ministry. We rejoice at the continued blessings of God upon the ministry here in Sierra Leone.




Mike Peper

Connection 2020 Golf Tournament

There will be a Golf Tournament to benefit Temple Christian’s Class of 2020’s mission trip to Appalachia. 

The Tournament will be hosted by Indian River Preserve Golf Course on August 24, 2019.   

Check-in begins at 7:00 a.m. with a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m.  Registration  includes Greens fees, BBQ Buffet Lunch, Golf Cart and Complimentary Range Balls.  Mulligan tickets will be available the day of the tournament for an additional fee.  

Prize Categories: Ladies’ & Men’s Overall, Longest Drive, and Closest to the Pin. 

Individual Registration is $75.00 per player.

Group (4 players) Registration is $260.00 per group.  Please register one player, choose Group Registration from the drop down, in the memo list the additional players.  

Individual and Corporate Sponsorship packages are available.

Register using the form below.

Remarks From The Pastor - April 7, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Dear church family, friends and visiting guests; greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that you will receive a spiritual blessing in the service. Today, I conclude a three-part series on “Serving Behind the Scenes.” We have looked at the life of Barabbas, Hur and today a willing servant named Epaphras. Epaphras was a faithful servant who served in the shadows, but he made a large and lasting impact on those around him. Wouldn’t you like to make a difference for the cause of Christ and the good of the church? Are you willing to be used of the Lord and invest in the lives of others? Will you commit to serve the Lord alongside others? Our church and school are in need of people who would be willing to serve. Right after the morning service I welcome you to visit our church leaders who will be at tables outside on the front porch of the church. Why not pour some of your time into others. We are looking for Greeters, help on the Church Attendance Team or help with the Temple Restorers who deal with the physical needs of our church. Perhaps you would like to be a help to our Children’s, Jr. High or Teen’s Ministry; be sure to visit their tables. If you have a love for music please visit our Music Ministry table. Our Women’s Ministries has a need for helpers. Our Sunday Children’s Ministries have need for Nursery, Pre-school and Junior Church helpers. There is a real need in our Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry. You may want to help with Games, Teach or be a Snack Provider. If Sports is your thing, Coach Briggs needs volunteers for all our sports teams. Temple Christian School is in need of Classroom, Lunchroom Helpers & Substitute Bus Drivers. If you love working with electronics you may want to visit the Media Services Team. They need an Assistant Sound Engineer, Projectionist, Camera Operator and a Podcast Producer. Why not join in the fun of Vacation Bible School and help with Decorating, Games, Teaching, Snacks during June 17-21.

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Discerning The Voice of God - Ladies' Spring Bible Study

Introducing Priscilla Shirer’s new ladies’ bible study, Discerning The Voice of God. This bible study will take place from April 4 to May 16, 2019.

There are Thursday morning and evening sessions available to register for.

To learn more about this bible study, watch this video:

Use the form below to register for the morning sessions.

Use the form below to register for the evening sessions.

Remarks From The Pastor - March 31, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning family and friends of TBC. Thank you, visitors, for choosing TBC as your place of worship today. I pray you will sense a Christian welcome here. This morning, we will be in part 2 of the series Serving God. Today, we will be looking at Exodus 17:8-13. You will read about a man who faithfully served God behind the scenes. His name is Hur. Although he is not mentioned often in Scripture, Hur was a man whom God used mightily to have a great impact on Israel. He served in the shadows, and yet his obedience was critical to obtaining victory. Many of you may not be familiar with Hur, but churches around the world are filled with those who possess the same attributes as this faithful servant. In fact, I am certain there are many Hurs among us today.

Men: don’t forget to go to www.bettermanministries.com and purchase your general admission online ticket for the Better Man event on Saturday, April 13th. We will leave from the church at 3:30 pm.

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One of the requirements prior to going back to Honduras in October is that Josh be ordained. Our home church will be ordaining Josh on April 14. For those of you that are not familiar with the process, it involves an examining of his doctrinal positions on the fundamentals of the faith.  These  doctrines are non-negotiable teachings of the Bible, taken right from the Bible. Part of this process is nailing down the teaching of the doctrine and then identifying Bible verses that support the doctrine. He has spent the last four months researching and putting into words what he believes and working to memorize as much as possible the doctrines and the Bible verses. At times it seems like an overwhelming task, waking up at all times of the night and reviewing various Bible verses and how all these verses and doctrines are interweaved in the Bible. He has noticed that his preaching and prayer life have been greatly helped. Upon completion, he will be an ordained minister. The title is not a big deal to him, but the rich scripture he has been able to soak up during this process is proving to be very valuable!

 The Results Are In!

While on furlough, especially on weekends that we are not scheduled to be in a new church, I (Josh) have been able to teach a little at our home church. One of the topics that keeps coming up is discipleship. I have been mesmerized with this thought of going and teaching all nations, and “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” In essence, we are teaching others how they can follow Christ. When we return to Honduras, we will be teaching the Word of God and showing people how they can follow him. We don’t only want students who talk about the Bible and its teachings, but we want people that will learn, follow these commands, and then go out and make disciples themselves. This truth is brought to fruition in II Timothy 2:2 when Paul admonishes Timothy to pass along what he has learned, so that they can teach it to others, and then they teach it as well. 

Prayer, Praise and Information


· Memory recall for Josh’s ordination

· A speedy return to fruitful ministry in Honduras 


· Many new churches scheduled

· 25% furlough goal raised due to two new partners! 


Web:  taylors2honduras.com

Facebook: Hope for Honduras

Email: taylors2honduras@gmail.com


The Taylors.png

The Taylors

Josh and Erin, Caleb, Micah and Rebekah

Remarks From The Pastor - March 24, 2019

Welcome to Temple Baptist Church.

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Senior Pastor Tom Porter

Good morning family and friends of Temple Baptist!  If you are visiting for the first time today, we welcome you and pray the Lord will speak to you during the service.  Please visit the Welcome Center in the lobby if you want more information about our church.  I will be in the lobby and would love to meet you. 

What a blessing it is to see our church members making a conscious effort to fellowship and connect with each other.  This past Monday night, 15 men connected for Wing Night at Gator Dockside!  As a pastor, seeing these men, some meeting for the first time, getting to know each other, praying as a group and enjoying each other’s company made my heart rejoice.  One man went to work early so he could make it!  Our next men’s event will be our prayer breakfast on April 13th at 8 am.  Later that night, we men have the opportunity to attend the “Better Man Ministries” Conference.  Last week, Coach and Mrs. Briggs attended a Teen Leadership Conference in order to more effectively move those teenagers who have a desire to serve the Lord into a leadership position.  Two weeks ago, we had 230 attend PrimeTimers!  My wife, Becky, and her leaders are busy teaching our children about the Bible and the love of God.   Our VBS material has come in and preparations are on the way.  Becky and DiAnne Barnes are studying up for the next ladies Bible study.  Our Deacons have just been given their list of “families” they will be ministering to.  You will be given the name of your Deacon soon.  The best way to stay connected is to get connected to REALM CONNECT on your computer, laptop or smart phone.  See Michelle Jackson to set up a time for helping you do this.  As always, you may go to www.templebc.net to stay connected with all that is going on here at TBC. 

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We’ve Hit the 50% Mark!  On our social media pages, we put out a request this past month what we were asking prayer for. We said that we were at 45% of our needed support, and we were praying that by the end of February we would hit the 50% mark. The Lord answered our prayers in a magnificent way that only He can!

This  month,  we  added 3  new ministry partners!  Aurora Baptist Temple in Aurora, MO, New Fellowship Baptist in Titusville, FL, and Grace  Baptist  Temple in  San  Antonio, TX, have all joined us in reaching Thailand for Christ! We are so grateful for our new ministry partners, but we also want to say thank you to those who continue to support us while being on deputation.

Special Projects:  Since we’ve hit the 50% mark, we wanted to start bringing to you some of the special projects that we will have once moving to Thailand. These are one-time projects to either move or set up in Thailand. We have already begun to save (and will continue to do so), and others have already started donating to these needs. We know that the Lord has a plan to fulfill these needs, and we ask that you pray how you might be involved. (See below)

Prayer Requests 

· Continue to pray for good health for Becka and baby Henry as we travel.

· Pray that our calendar would continue to fill up for 2019. 

Where We Will Be 

Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Peru 

Thank you for joining us in prayer and support in bringing hope to the hopeless in Thailand.


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