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PRIMETIMERS - The Remingtons


Sandy & Mark Remington

Sandy & Mark Remington

Mark & Sandy Remington, well known for more than 32 years of drama and ministry to over 3,000 churches, will tell the amazing story of John, The Beloved, who wrote the Gospel of John, Revelation and three Epistles.  

John was a fisherman who left a family business to follow Jesus and become his best friend and beloved disciple. John was with Jesus for the full three years of his ministry through all the wonderful miracles and healings.  He was the only Apostle at the cross when Jesus was crucified and there, promised to care for Mary, His mother.

There is amazing music that backs up the story and accentuates each feeling from laughter to tears.  It is a wonderful collection of historical facts and biblical personalities to educate, appreciate and move the listener as time unfolds the life of this unique person.