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Mid-Week Worship Services


(Adult worship service)

Room 104

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Week 4– Disease: Fear of Illness.

The fear of contracting a serious disease, such as cancer. Dr. Jeremiah discusses first hand how he dealt with the fear when he fought two bouts of cancer and had victory through Christ.

God is the answer to all your fears and to replace your unhealthy fears with a proper fear of God.

Fear is an involuntary emotional response that arises suddenly in the face of information or circumstances. Because we can’t prevent such responses, trying to eliminate fear is unreasonable. But we can overcome fear-or, biblically speaking, replace fear with faith. But not just faith in fate or optimism. Instead, we need faith in a God whose plans and promises can be trusted in spite of anything that may happen in life. In What Are You Afraid Of?, Dr. David Jeremiah tackles nine of life’s most persistent fears. And one other fear-the fear of deity-that we should embrace rather than overcome. The more we learn to fear the God of scripture, the less we will fear anything else in life!



(Grades 9 through 12) 

Dining Hall - 3rd Building

Ignite Youth Group-Outline.png

Ignite For Christ welcomes all youth, 6th through 12th grade, to a time of fun & games, fellowship & sharing God’s Word.



(Grades 6 through 8)

Room 306, 2nd Building

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(Grades 3 through 5)

Room 304, 2nd Building

Earlier Event: October 16
Ladies' Prayer Meeting